Gyms in the Rochester Area Tips on How to Stay Fit Even if you are Living in a Low-Income Area

Between quality, high-end gyms with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a lineup of fitness classes as well as the abundance of a pickup sports league and cycling clubs, it seems that the United States has a lot of options when it comes to fitness exercise.

But the same opportunities to run, lift, play sports, box, or stretch – at least conveniently, affordable, and safely – are not necessarily avail for most people who live in low-income rural and urban areas. Inadequate exercise is one of the key reasons a lot of people in low-income neighborhoods are either obese or overweight, both increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

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Overall, the United States is in the middle of an overweight and obesity epidemic, and the lack of exercise is one of the key reasons a lot of people living in low-income neighborhoods are suffering from weight-related diseases. In most states, government guidelines from the Education Department (who provides all the programs for people from low-income areas and disadvantaged backgrounds), the U.S government defines low income as families with an annual salary ranging from $18,090 to $61,980 for a family of 7 to 8 people.

Low-income threshold has been set higher in Hawaii and Alaska because these states have higher household incomes compared to the other 48 states.

Regardless of the family’s income, adults should at least get two to three hours per week of moderate-intensity exercise and engage in activities that can strengthen the muscles at least two to three days per week, according to the studies conducted by the government.

But research suggests, the lack of financial resources goes hand-in-hand with lower rates in physical activities. In turn, it is linked to associated diseases like heart failure, high cholesterol level, high-blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. It is also connected to being overweight and obesity among low-income families.

For example, although 20{812658ac4e3b14f45576ad8062f0778f2aa87ea760ee943b8fc948de50f556c8} of Americans are exercising regularly, 27{812658ac4e3b14f45576ad8062f0778f2aa87ea760ee943b8fc948de50f556c8} of those are college graduates, and 12{812658ac4e3b14f45576ad8062f0778f2aa87ea760ee943b8fc948de50f556c8}, the lowest rate, as people who did not receive a diploma in high school. It is a reality that people with a higher education background have the greater chance to earn more money. But not everything is bad news. The good news is, there are a lot of low-cost and free resources that can help make physical or fitness activity available even to low-income people.

Getting the adequate exercise is same, inexpensive and uncomplicated according to most medical practitioners. Going to a good gym is good, but not every people have the means and financial resources to enroll or pay the gym membership for a quality recreational facility or a fitness gym.

Some people don’t even live near a gym, so the commute is another problem to think of. Exercise should be simple and not complicated. There is an idea that people should join a gym to be fit. That’s very wrong. As most fitness gurus say, “You are your fitness gym.” When you are at home, you can do simple push-ups or sit-ups. You can do pull-ups in any bars in your house that can support your weight.

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You can also do standing push-ups using the wall in your home. When going to your work, instead of walking slowly, you can do brisk walking and mix it with jogging and sprinting with a 30-second interval. Instead of riding the elevator, you can use the stairs. You can also do exercise routines in your nearest park or playground. Use the monkey bars or the children’s slide to do pull-ups.

When going to a supermarket, park in the farthest parking slot instead of the closest one so you will have the time to walk from your car to the supermarket. Every little physical activity matter. Get out of the mentality that you need a structured environment or exercise equipment to work out, Instead, make slight changes throughout your day.

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It is about creativity, creating a lifestyle and new habits. Money should not be a hindrance when you are talking about your health. Although money can make exercising a lot easier, having a healthy lifestyle is not about convenience. You need to push your body to the limits and use everything available around you to stay healthy and become fit.